I knew this would happen! It’s why I stopped watching TV in the first place, but Master of None came out (amazing), then Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (better than good), and then I discovered Veep (truly excellent). For the longest time I wasn’t watching TV  because I knew once I found something I wanted to watch, I wouldn’t do anything else. And now I’ve opened a can of worms.

Building new habits is a hard thing to do. I’ve managed to build small ones like flossing every day (pair it with brushing my teeth!) and doing my DuoLingo French (with my coffee in the morning), but anything which requires more time and energy is kind of a struggle. I know myself and I know that pairing works and pure willpower doesn’t. I know that making things into tiny blocks instead of one big block helps me get the most done, even if my pace is slower than a snail’s.

I know I don’t have enough will power to stop watching Veep in the middle of the series, so I’ll just try my best to not watch it until the weekend. After it’s done, I’ll cut the cord again and I’ll be back on track with all my goals (more to come!)



(But…..if you haven’t you should watch Veep)


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