Day 2: Life Gaps

Every morning I get up and I read the news. Sometimes I only read the arts section or do the crossword puzzle, or some days I immerse myself deeply in all the the goings on of the world. I miss somethings some days, and other things other days, but without fail I always read the articles about improving your life. (Clearly this is an interest of mine.)

Several years ago a read an article called How To Live Wisely. It’s a pretty typical article about improving your life, but there was one thing which struck me. And that’s to make a list. Well, actually two. First, make a list of activities or things you highly value and then track how you actually spend your time. Do they match up? For me they rarely do. And I think for most people they rarely do.

For some reason I’ve taken to calling these Life Gaps – how I wish I spent my time vs. How I actually spend my time (more on that tomorrow). Part of the point of this blog is to try and make sure they match up more in the future than they do now. And of course that’s not everything, but it is important to remember:

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

– Annie Dillard


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