Day 5: 100 Blocks

Have you seen this? It’s from Wait But Why.

I saved it on my computer ages ago and every so often I’ll stumble across it and fill it out again. The idea is that your waking hours are broken into 10 minute chunks and every chunk or block you have you’re making a decision about how to spend it. So you fill out the chart and then you can see how you spend your minutes, your hours and your days.

It really is fascinating to see it all laid out before you – all the minutes wasted (or not) on Netflix. The huge chunk of time that a 9 to 5 (ahem – 6 or 7) job takes up. How much time it takes to cook and clean and generally be an adult and get done all things you have to do to be considered “responsible”.

(Hint: You really only have about three hours of free time if you sleep 8 hours, work a regular job and take care of all the things you need to.)

And here’s where it comes to deciding. Is watching one hour of TV worth five blocks? Is cooking (and then washing up) worth five or six? It’s laid out before you all the time you do and do not waste, and then it’s up to you if you want to continue to live your days in the same way. An excellent, more detailed companion to the article I mentioned a few days ago – How to Live Wisely. Happy blocking!


Until tomorrow.


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