Day 8: Downward Dog

I suppose it may be impractical to think that I’ll blog every day. I can try my best, but it’s almost inevitable that I’m going to miss a day or two. Part of living the life I have is to also forgive myself when I fall short of my own expectations. (All the time.) So it’s okay if I miss a day here and there. Maybe some people can blog every day without fail, but I’ll just have to accept that I’m not one of those people.

While I’ve been dog sitting, I haven’t been keeping up with Goal #1(Finishing my book and getting it published) so well. Having a dog is really very time consuming. Also, she likes to stick her nose in my ear during the night to make sure I’m okay and still alive. One she discovers all is well she goes back to sleep, but that still doesn’t prevent her from doing it the next night too.

I did go to yoga today, so that’s something! I’ve been wanting to go for awhile and then putting it off and putting it off and putting it off. So instead of going to barre class like I said I would, I went to yoga. Well one or the other, at least I did something. So at least I did some work towards goal #2 (Moving up to the next level in ballet).

Tomorrow dog goes back to her own and I can get down to writing (hopefully).

Until tomorrow.


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