Day 9: Guilty

I started the week off so well by going to yoga on Sunday. I had the best intentions to go to barre class today – I packed my bag, made sure I had a snack for before class and got a full tank of gas…but the end of work rolled around and my eyes were hurting for some unknown reason and I forgot to turn in my rent check this morning. So instead of going to barre class, I just went home and watched more of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. All the best intentions and none of the follow through.

I really want to got to class. And as soon as the clock ticks one minute past the start of class I feel really guilty for not going, but somehow I just can’t motivate myself to go. Especially after work. So I’m going to try a few different methods in the coming weeks to see if I can make it to class.

For next week I’ll let myself buy this fast food after class that I normally don’t, but like so much. There’s not one close to where I live, but there is one close to the studio! It seems counter productive to eat greasy, unhealthy food after I exercise, but it’s a small reward for something I find so hard to do! And  after I make my exercise into a habit, I can drop the reward. Stay tuned next week!

Until tomorrow.


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