Day 12: Bullet Journaling

I too have fallen under the spell of bullet journaling. Mine is much less intense (and less pretty) than all the others I’ve seen online, but it serves it’s purpose well.


I have three basic sections of my bullet journal and I’ve found these work best for me: A habit tracker, a monthly goal list broken down into various sections (Financial, personal, friends and family, exercise) and a daily section where I make a daily to-do list.

My habit log above is for this month and tracks whether or not I do French, Write, Push-ups (I’m so weak), read, floss, blog and do some sort of exercise which will help me further my ballet goals. As you can see I’ve done relatively so well this month (minus ballet! But I hope to change that this weekend.) My habit tracker for the previous seven months of the year had tons more things, but I cut it down to just a few number so I can really focus on the things which are important to me.

So far I’ve found this and the daily to-do list really help to keep me on track. The monthly list I don’t look at so often, but I started making it directly opposite my habit log so I have to look at it every day. That’s really helped me to see what I’m meant to be doing as well and I plan specific timelines for when I should accomplish my monthly goals.

What about you all? Do you have bullet journals? And have you found a format that works for you? Improvement is always welcome!

Until tomorrow. 🙂


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