Day 94: Bumble Life


Bzz. Bzzz.  I live in a major metropolitan area, which means there’s a whole bunch of people running around, but for some reason it’s also really hard to meet people as well. I had this grand idea that I would try a bunch of new hobbies and take a bunch of new classes and meet people that way. Whether they be friends or potential boyfriends, I was up for meeting new people.

Well…turns out I’ve taken a few classes and done a few meet-ups and they groups mostly consist of older women. Which is great! I’m happy to make friends that way and I have. But so far I haven’t met any men on my hobby quest, so I had to turn to online dating. I tried okcupid for the longest time, but I never really clicked with anyone and I felt there was a lot of expectation to jump directly into a relationship, which I just never felt like doing.

So I turned to Bumble, which is more casual than OK Cupid, but seems to be more serious than Tinder. I’ve met a few people so far, but I’m just content right now to see where things go. But if anyone has suggestions for where to meet good people, I’m certainly open to hearing about it.

Until tomorrow.

271 days to go.


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