Day 167: Gratitude 7

Gratitude of the day: Pomodoro Method

Have I mentioned I used Pomodoro Method in the past? The basic premise is you set an amount of time to work where you only focus on one task. So set a 15 minute timer for writing and then you get a 5 minute break and then another 15 minutes to focus (or 25 or whatever time works best for you) and then wash and repeat. It’s really helpful to break down larger tasks into smaller time increments to make them less daunting and more manageable (and easier to start)!

I started using the Pomodoro method coupled with the X-method (don’t miss a day so you can see all those sweet x’s) and it really changed the way I get things done. I have such a hard time starting tasks, but it’s easy if I tell myself I only have to do 5 minutes and then I just keep rolling along until I’ve gotten more done than I anticipated. And I get to fill in a day on my Habit Tracker 🙂

Easy peasy.

Until tomorrow.

198 days to go. Eek!


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