Day 169: Gratitude 9

Gratitude of the Day: Meal Prepping

It’s only the beginning of the year still, but I finally figured out a routine which works for me for the week. Basically I just make a whole bunch of food on Sunday and then eat it for every dinner. I was trying to be fancy for awhile and make different foods for lunch and dinner, but it’s too much work and I would always run out of food mid week and then end up buying something to eat (and spending money) towards the end of the week.

So since the new year (not that long ago…) I’ve been meal prepping smoothies and dinner for the whole week and just making sandwiches and other easy things for lunch. So far it’s been good! Not only do I just have to heat up a bowl of whatever for dinner, but I’ve also been spending less money on food and have more time in the evenings. I don’t really like meal prepping, but it really has made the rest of my week easier.

Until tomorrow.

196 days to go.


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