Day 170: Gratitude 10

Gratitude of the Day: The Library

I’ve been working a lot these last couple days so it’s hard to find things to be grateful for. I get dragged down by the day to day of all the emails and things to do. It throws me off my morning routine because I have to go in early and I can’t get everything done that I want to get done. My free time and energy level decreases (obviously) so I end up just scrolling through the internet instead of actually getting things done. But this is why it’s good to do these blog posts! It makes me remember there are great things in my life.

So today’s gratitude of the day is The Library! Specifically their e-book loan program. I’ve been looking for this series of Murder Mysteries forever, but they’re only 150ish pages so I don’t really want to pay seven or eight dollars plus shipping on Amazon. But I found out recently my library carries them as e-books! It was a great day and I started reading it last night. 🙂

Until tomorrow

195 Days to go.

Did not go to ballet 😦



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