Day 179: Gratitude 19

Gratitude of the Day: Journaling

Oof. There’s a lot of self-reflection on this blog, isn’t there. Well that’s not necessarily a bad thing. First I have meditation and my monthly check-ins and now journaling. Although, it could be argued this whole blog project is one big self-reflective project to be a better version of myself. It is very goal/career oriented because that’s what I’m focused on right now, but I journal pretty regularly and it is mostly personal and emotional reflection.

I wish I did it more, but when I do journal I find myself going on and on and working through various aspects of my day and week which I had issues with. I write about my friendships and dating relationships and family. I write about my friends from home and my new friends in LA. It helps me to pause and look at problems and my emotional response to them from different angles. It really is incredibly helpful and a cathartic exercise for me. If you haven’t journaled, I would highly encourage you to at least try it. If you find it too time consuming then the one-sentence journal about your day might be more useful. Whatever you choose, it can be anything you want it to be.

Until tomorrow.

186 days to go.


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