Day 182: Gratitude 22

Gratitude of the Day: Clean Spaces

I am not a tidy person. I try my best, but I just have a hard time keeping spaces clean and clutter free. Also, to clarify, I’m not dirty in that I clean everything regularly, but every place just seems to accumulate things wether it be bits and bobbles on my dresser top or that pile of clothing on my desk chair. When I do manage to clear off a space and it’s tidy (for me) it’s SO NICE! I love having the clear spaces since it feels like I have my life more together and my mind feels less cluttered. (Less to pay attention to?)

Since I like it so much I really should strive to keep things tidier, but for now I will just savor my small accomplishment of keeping my dresser top clear. Thanks me! 🙂

Until tomorrow

183 Days to go


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