Day 185: Gratitude 25

Gratitude of the Day: My shower

My shower was broken for the past week and a half and it was finally fixed! I was so happy when I got home from work! I can stop driving to my friend’s houses to use their showers (thanks friends!) and I can exercise without fear of getting too sweaty. It’s something I definitely took for granted. As soon as it stopped working I was so upset and as the days passed I just got grumpier and grumpier because having a place to bathe in my own home seemed like a luxury. And it is! People around the United States and around the world don’t have access to clean water and here I am grumpy that my shower wasn’t working for a week and a half. But it’s back! Nice and warm and right in my own apartment. What a lucky girl I am.

Truly something to be grateful for!

Until tomorrow.

180 Days to go.


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