Day 188: Gratitude 28

Gratitude of the Day: Musicals

Two years ago, I wanted Hamilton tickets and I knew they were part of the season coming to LA. So in order to ensure I got a ticket, I bought season tickets as my “fun thing” for the month. It was really expensive for me at the time, but I considered it a fair price to pay so I could see Hamilton live. Seven shows and two years later (and Hamilton), I consider it a good move. I love having season tickets to the Pantages here in LA. If I didn’t, I think I would rarely go see musicals, but now I see every one and I love it.

Last year I considered giving them up to save money, but I went to see Finding Neverland and it was so delightful I went home and immediately renewed my tickets. They got me! And I’m glad they did. I always look forward to going to the shows and I have the cheap seats, so it’s really not very expensive for the amount of joy I get out of it.

Until tomorrow

177 Days to go!


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