Day 194: 30 Days of Exercise

Eep! Happy February! I meant to start 30 days of exercise on the 1st, but I had to get to work early (and worked late) so it threw off my whole schedule. It’s hard to do things when you work overtime. (Also it’s hard to do things when you don’t work overtime because work is tiring.) So I’m starting today! Because it’s only the 3rd and it seems nice and neat to start 30 day challenges on the first of the month, but really you can start anytime!

The Plan: For the next thirty days I’m going to exercise every day

The Mechanics: The original plan was to do 30 Days of Yoga with True Yoga with Adrienne. BUT I already have a yoga class I go to on Sundays and I try to go to ballet several days a week so I don’t want to add on more things to do if I’m already exercising. So the days I don’t have class, I’ll do Yoga with Adrienne. And maybe I’ll finish the whole series even though I’m only exercising for 30 days. We’ll see.

Check-ins: Every goal needs an accountability system! So I’ll check in on Saturday of every week to see how things are going.

Let me know if you also have goals for February! And if your New Year’s Resolutions are going well! I need an 18 in 2018 check in soon.

Until tomorrow.

171 Days to go.


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