Day 244: Monthly Check-in Pt. 8

Time for check-in number eight. I’ve felt in a funk for the last month-ish, so I’m don’t really feel I’ve made any progress. Let’s have a look-see though.

  1. Work on my Novel – I’m editing my book again and it feels like things are getting there, although I’m often still unhappy by a sentence or paragraph. Well, I’ll continue editing away and see how things go. I also didn’t make a list of agents or start a query letter or anything. I did break down those tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks today, so hopefully I can make some progress next month.
  2. Ballet – I didn’t go at all this month. Or to yoga. It was a bad month for exercising. I’ll try to get back on the wagon this week.
  3. Promotion –  DONE! 
  4. Get out of credit card debt – This is going really well still! I paid off a large chunk of my debt and am continuing to pay off my credit card at a steady rate. I wish it would go faster, but unless I win the lottery or sell my book I’ll have to continue paying it off one week at a time.
  5. In a relationship – Bumbling away. I haven’t met anyone in person though and most people don’t respond to my messages. Maybe I’ll delete the app finally. I’m tired.
  6. Meditation – I know this isn’t part of my big five, but it’s my monthly goal. I meditated pretty much every day last week and I’m pretty proud of myself. I get fidgety and anxious sometimes, but I think I’m getting better. That’s all I can ask for really.

So what is that? Two and a half out of five. That’s not bad. Not great, but I’ll try to better next month. I’m always thinking about ways to improve my schedule (definitely needs some improvement).

Like I said, I’m feeling in a funk. I haven’t been exercising so I really need to make that part of my life and maybe it’ll make me feel better. We’ll see.

Until tomorrow.

121 days to go.


Day 237: Slip ups and Starting again

Last year I used Calm to try to get into meditation. It worked for the most part, but somewhere I slipped and then I went from meditating occasionally to not meditating at all. At the beginning of 2018, I switched to Headspace. I don’t think there’s a big difference between the two, but I am finding myself meditate more consistently. I think that’s just my resolutions though.

This week was a tough one since I had to work a few 12 hour days. Plus feeling sluggish after spring forward, I slipped up a little. But that’s okay. After recovering from all my work and that whole one hour of change (haha), I began meditating for a few minutes, and then five minutes, and now I’m back to ten minutes. I do think the monthly challenge helped me to get back on track more quickly than if I wasn’t doing this.

Hopefully this week will be seven for seven and I’ll just build from there.

Until tomorrow.

128 days to go.

Day 230: 30 Day challenges

Eek! When I don’t have a thirty day gratitude challenge, I do not blog a lot. I’ll try to be better.

I found my January challenge of 30 days of Gratitude to be extremely helpful to me, so I’d like to continue my year with 30 day challenges. These may shift and move due to scheduling and how successful I was in completing the previous month’s challenge, but let’s at least try!

Jan 30 Days of Gratitude
Feb  Didn’t do my challenge 😦
March 30 Days of Meditating
April 30 Days of Pictures
May 30 Days of Piano
June 30 Days of Buying nothing
July 30 Days of Cleaning
August 30 Days of Script Writing
Sept 30 Days of Exercise
Oct 30 Days of No Technology
Nov 30 Days of Novel writing (along with NaNoWriMo)
Dec  TBD

If you recall, in February I tried to do 30 days of exercise, but I think it was too much too soon. I barely exercise once a week, so trying to do it every day for a whole month may have been too ambitious. I moved the challenge to September to try again. Hopefully I’ll set myself up to be better equipped to meet my challenge a few months from now.

In March I decided to do 30 days of meditating. I think it’s going okay so far. I’ve missed a day or two, but generally I’m setting aside some time each day to meditate, whether that be for five minutes or fifteen minutes (I’m not beyond that yet…). It’s tough to add regular habits to your life, so I’ll do whatever I can at the moment even if it’s just the smallest amount of time.

For the rest of the challenges – at the beginning of each month I’ll explain the challenge I’m going to do and the steps I’m going to take to ensure I complete it to the best of my ability. Let me know if you’ve decided to do something similar fro 2018!

Until tomorrow.

135 days to go!