You want to know about me?!?! How nice!

The facts:

I’m a woman in her late 20s looking to live the life she wants. I got tired of dreaming about the life I’ll have “some day” so I decided to put a concrete plan of action in place to live the life I want sooner rather than later.

The goals:

  1. Novelist –  I didn’t always know I wanted to be a writer, but once I let myself believe I could be, it stuck. Ideally I would get a book published in the next couple years, but life is long and you never know when success will come.
  2. Ballet – I always wanted to do ballet when I was little, but my parents would never sign me up. (Probably a good thing! My personality tends towards obsessive on some things…) So I signed up as an adult! But exercising is hard, so I’ve hit plenty of roadblocks here.
  3. Promotion – I tend to get in my own way and not believe in myself when I should. So I just want to apply if the opportunity arises and we’ll se what happens. (DONE!)
  4. Get out of credit card debt –  I racked up a bunch when I was unemployed and I’ve been paying it off pretty aggressively, but I’d really like to have the cloud of debt disappear. (DONE!)
  5. In a relationship – This is TBD. Not sure if I want to be in one or not…it’s always hard for me to tell. (on hold for now)

So that’s it! I may add some as time goes on if I accomplish things, but we’ll see how things go!


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