Day 117: Hi again!

It’s me! I’ve been MIA for many, many days. I got my promotion at work and then radio silence basically. A few team members were sick or traveling for work and then we had a major event coming up and so I really only had time for one thing. My life the past few weeks has just been work, eat, sleep, repeat. I’ve never clocked over forty-five hours previously, but now I’m getting close to sixty. It really is exhausting.  I don’t know how people do this for years.

I really haven’t had time to do anything else in my life these past few weeks. I wrote for ten minutes today before I had to rest and take a nap. I skipped ballet and I’ve cancelled on so many dates in the past couple weeks, I think of myself as a flake now. It’s no good. (I am making way more money than I thought though…)

I didn’t think it was going to be like this. And maybe it’ll get better in the future. It really has to. Maybe it’ll be better once I know what I’m doing and can just do it at the drop of a hat without doubting myself…but if it doesn’t then I don’t think I can do this in the long term. We’ll see. I need to go take my second nap of the day now.

Until tomorrow.

248 days to go.


Day 100!

Happy Day 100 Me! There are way more milestones to check in than I thought! I have the first of the month, the monthly check-ins I set aside for myself and now 100 days. (Today also happens to be the first of the month so it’s double check in day.)

I’m not going to do a check in since I just did one, but I do want to say it’s good to have “check-ins” on a regular basis. Just take ten minutes to yourself and see what you’ve accomplished and what steps you still need to take to move towards your goals.

I generally do a life check-in at the beginning of each month (today!). I have a habit tracker that I fill out every day to see if I’m building the habits I want to make part of my life. I check off the boxes every day, so if ever there’s a long string of empty boxes, I know I have some work to do. Sometimes it’s empty because someone was visiting or I was traveling, so my routine wasn’t the same as usual, but if I know there are no different circumstances around those days, I know I need to do something! I also have a longer term goals check-list which I carry over from month to month so I can see what I’ve completed and what I still need to do.

So check in with yourself! And hopefully it’ll help you see trends of your behavior and days over time.

Until tomorrow!

265 days to go!

P.S. Went to ballet. Yay!!

Day 99: Perfection


I try to be perfect. I really do. I get upset with myself if I even make the tiniest mistake that someone else catches. It could just be a typo or a missed punctuation, but I’ll beat myself up about it the tiniest bit before I move on. I think this can me a good thing sometimes – I learn from my mistakes and it serves as a reminder to double and triple check my work when I’m tempted to just send it along to the next person. But I also think it can be a mental block that gets in my own way. It prevents me from going to exercise class because I’m not “good enough” or it prevents me from sending along my writing because “it has to be perfect.” It prevents me from trying new things because I’m afraid people will look at me and secretly judge me (or openly judge me, but that would be rude.)

I need to remind myself that it’s okay to be perfect. None of us are. I need to try and be less self-conscious about my imperfections. Most of the time people are so worried about themselves, they don’t have a thought for me! And if they do, the so what?! Their thoughts about me have zero impact on my life, so I should just live how I want to. It’s a hard thing to remember, but I think it’ll definitely help me to get over a few mental hurdles so I can make it to the next step – whether that be trying a new dance class or submitting my writing for consideration.

Until tomorrow. Happy Halloween too!

266 days to go!

Day 97: Ballet Life

Well sort of…not really. This has been my most challenging “challenge” so far. I. just. can’t. seem. to. get. to. class. It’s a struggle every weekday and weekend. I’ve tried all the tricks, but I think really I just need to make it into a habit and do it. Also, thinking about how I feel bad if I don’t go is pretty motivating since I feel bad often.

I did manage to go yesterday even though I’ve been feeling under the weather. It was much more challenging than I remember and I felt a little left behind, but I’m happy I went (always am). Whenever I get discouraged, I just have to remember to “Be Terrible”. After all it’s better to go, be terrible and get some exercise than to not go and just lay in bed.

I’ve been thinking about trying some other exercise classes to get myself into shape. Just for fun. Maybe a boxing class or aerial yoga (or regular yoga) or barre class or just some other random kind of work out to kick me out of my exercise funk. I used to go hiking more too. I’ll try to this week.

I’ve also decided that once I cross off another goal on my list, I can pick up another one. Four seems like a good amount.

Until tomorrow.

268 days to go.

Day 94: Bumble Life


Bzz. Bzzz.  I live in a major metropolitan area, which means there’s a whole bunch of people running around, but for some reason it’s also really hard to meet people as well. I had this grand idea that I would try a bunch of new hobbies and take a bunch of new classes and meet people that way. Whether they be friends or potential boyfriends, I was up for meeting new people.

Well…turns out I’ve taken a few classes and done a few meet-ups and they groups mostly consist of older women. Which is great! I’m happy to make friends that way and I have. But so far I haven’t met any men on my hobby quest, so I had to turn to online dating. I tried okcupid for the longest time, but I never really clicked with anyone and I felt there was a lot of expectation to jump directly into a relationship, which I just never felt like doing.

So I turned to Bumble, which is more casual than OK Cupid, but seems to be more serious than Tinder. I’ve met a few people so far, but I’m just content right now to see where things go. But if anyone has suggestions for where to meet good people, I’m certainly open to hearing about it.

Until tomorrow.

271 days to go.

Day 93: Credit Card Debt Life

Credit-cardsI’ve written about this before, but when I was unemployed I got myself into some pretty deep credit card debt. I know I shouldn’t have, but what was I going to do? My budget was very strict, but still a girl has to eat. Anything that didn’t need to be paid by cash or check, I put on credit cards. It was kind of a desperate time for me, but I found some temporary work and then a full time job and now I’m getting promoted. 🙂

Saving and paying off debt is hard, so every week I have a portion of my paycheck directly deposited into my savings account and another portion directly deposited into an account strictly for paying off my credit cards. I schedule out the money each week from that account, so by the next day it’s gone and paying off those high interest rates. If sometime urgent comes up, I can always cancel it, but I don’t think that’s ever happened.

I also keep an excel doc tallying how much money I’ve saved and how much debt I’ve paid down. It’s not really for anything, but I get a tiny rush every time I see the numbers tick up and down, so it’s its own reward.  It is going to be SUCH a relief when I pay off the first card and then the second. I’ll be able to afford to live on my own and really bump up the amount of money I’m saving in my retirement account and savings account. Maybe I’ll even invest in something, but that’s another goal for another time.

Until tomorrow.

272 days to go.





Day 92 : Writing Life


I decided this week to write a few posts about what I’m going to do for each particular goal. #1 is Writing!

I know I’ve said this before, but I completed my novel (again), so I’d really like to make some serious headway on editing so I can have a complete draft by the end of December to begin querying agents in the new year. There’s 68 days until December 31st so that should be plenty of time to comb through each chapter and make sure everything is in tip-top(ish) shape. Even if I’m not done by the end of December, I think I should start querying agents anyway. I keep editing and editing and editing, and there will always be sentences to fix and plot points to mull over. But sometimes you just have to take the plunge and see how things net out.

Other writing goals! I want to continue blogging on a semi-regular basis and write one personal essay to submit to online publications. I’ve never submitted anything before (I’m a scaredy cat) so this will be a good learning experience for me. In regards to timelines, let’s say end of November to look for submissions in December. We’ll see how things go!

Until tomorrow.

273 days to go.