Day 176: Gratitude 16

Gratitude of the Day: Vacation Time

My second gratitude of the year was my job and I am thankful to have a job. But I’m also thankful I get all the additional benefits of having a full time job. Vacation time! And sick time! And 401K contributions! And holidays with pay! I was temping for a few years and it was a real hardship whenever I had a holiday or had to go to the doctor. I took a vacation once for a few days and I had a good time, but I was also constantly worried about money because I had to take those days without pay.

Now I’m full time and I can finally plan my vacations or days off and really enjoy myself because I’m getting paid while I sip lattes somewhere else. I understand this is a luxury to have and I really appreciate all the benefits that come along with full time work.

Until tomorrow. (Note to self: Remember – I like my job!)

189 Days to go.


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