Monthly Check in Pt. 7

Time for my seventh monthly check-in! Gosh I really do need 30 day challenges to continue blogging. There’s just so much to do and not enough time and not enough will power. Blah blah blah. All the usual excuses. I’ll try to do better.

  1. Work on my Novel – Finished my third edit! (forth edit? – I can’t keep track). I’m letting it rest for the month of February and then I’ll edit it again in March. It’ll all come together…hopefully. In the meantime I’m compiling a list of agents I can query, learning how to write a query letter, writing a TV pilot, and working on a few essays to submit. (Gotta work on that rejection muscle too!)
  2. Ballet – I had to work a bunch over the weekends, so I sort of fell out of going to yoga and ballet, but I’m back at it! I did not do my 30 days of exercise like promised, but I think it was too much too soon. I’ll try to work up to just exercising 4 days a week and then we’ll see.
  3. Promotion –  DONE! 
  4. Get out of credit card debt – This is going really well! I got my tax return and my bonus, so I was able to pay off a large chunk. I still have debt, but I think I’ll be able to pay it off much sooner than anticipated barring any major expense. I may not have it done by the time this “project” is over, but definitely by the end of the year.
  5. In a relationship – Not bumbling and didn’t go on any dates. I’m thinking of trying to find a club or activity I can do which will introduce me to more people for both friends and dates.

Seven months in and I feel a bit as if I’ve stalled on a few things, but this is why check-ins are good. I can snap myself back into working on the things I want to work on. And it’s important to note that just because I can’t cross everything off, I’m still moving forward. I’m working on my finances and my writing pretty consistently. Exercise is always going to be an issue for me, but I’m working on that too and I’m going more often than I used to. Progress not Perfection.

Until tomorrow.

149 Days to go.


Day 202: Sunday Links!

I know not a lot of people read my blog, but I always love the link round-up at the various websites I follow, so here are a few from me.

As someone who values her morning routine and tries to start her day off right, this website about My Morning Routine is really rather fascinating.

It’s hard to read everything about the #MeToo movement and all the allegations and truths which women have known about for so long, but for which we’ve never spoken out about before – I Made the Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Letter

If you like trying new hobbies, here’s a round up from The Cut of different ones to try in 2018. I have often thought about starting a blog or podcast about hobbies, so this is perfect for me.

And an Ask Polly about laziness, which turns into thoughts on identity and habits and investment into yourself.

Until tomorrow. Have a good Sunday.

163 Days to go.

Day 200: Quick Update!

Quick update! I have not been exercising because I’ve been working all the time. When I get home at 7:30 or 8:00 and only have two hours before I go to bed to get everything done, it’s really hard to exercise. I need to find a better way to get out of work on time and to also make sure I do my yoga or ballet. But this has always been a struggle for me. I have some thinking and planning to do.

Until tomorrow.

165 days to go.


Day 194: 30 Days of Exercise

Eep! Happy February! I meant to start 30 days of exercise on the 1st, but I had to get to work early (and worked late) so it threw off my whole schedule. It’s hard to do things when you work overtime. (Also it’s hard to do things when you don’t work overtime because work is tiring.) So I’m starting today! Because it’s only the 3rd and it seems nice and neat to start 30 day challenges on the first of the month, but really you can start anytime!

The Plan: For the next thirty days I’m going to exercise every day

The Mechanics: The original plan was to do 30 Days of Yoga with True Yoga with Adrienne. BUT I already have a yoga class I go to on Sundays and I try to go to ballet several days a week so I don’t want to add on more things to do if I’m already exercising. So the days I don’t have class, I’ll do Yoga with Adrienne. And maybe I’ll finish the whole series even though I’m only exercising for 30 days. We’ll see.

Check-ins: Every goal needs an accountability system! So I’ll check in on Saturday of every week to see how things are going.

Let me know if you also have goals for February! And if your New Year’s Resolutions are going well! I need an 18 in 2018 check in soon.

Until tomorrow.

171 Days to go.